What’s with this mask I have on?

I am definitely not one to talk about myself. I tend to find that I shy away and try to talk about anything but myself. My mental health has really been my main focus in life, trying to keep myself healthy and stable. But that’s not really something I lead with, let alone talk about with other people. My most inner circle knows my struggles, but how do people casually bring up the topic of mental health to friends or acquaintances? It has become such a part of me and yet I hide it away from so many people. A part of ending the stigma is talking about it, but can you talk about it without making yourself vulnerable at the same time? This mask I wear hides who I truly am, which is a person who struggles with their mental health. Without the mask, I am bare. I am human. I am just me. How much of this mask do I take off? That I cannot answer because I am still trying to figure it out. What is your mask like and have you taken it off?

Yours Truly,



2 thoughts on “What’s with this mask I have on?

  1. My mask is off, but I understand why others wear theirs. I was hospitalized in my own workplace so there was no hiding it. I have always been out spoken about mental health- now I proudly include myself. I am very lucky though, I am well known and liked where I work. Daily I work to erase the stigma of mental illness to everyone with whom I come into contact.

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