Pop the pill?

Antidepressants. Antipsychotics. Whatever medication you are on, I’m sure it wasn’t easy making the decision to start taking it. There’s so many people out there that say there are alternative ways to heal that don’t involve drugs. I am not a drug pusher by any means and am NOT telling anyone what to do, but sometimes you do need the medication to help your quality of life. I remember this was an ongoing debate with those around me and within myself, whether to start them or not. In my case, they are partly what’s keeping me alive, so I guess you can say that I am happy with my choice. Others, are happy that they didn’t go on medication and that they healed through other ways. This can be a sensitive subject but I would like to know was it as hard a decision for you to go on meds like it was for me? And trust me when I say this, it took over a dozen tries to find the right combo for me and I’m still a work in progress. So how do all of you deal with the rollercoaster of medication?

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One thought on “Pop the pill?

  1. I love this post. Medication is such a hot topic for those who need meds to be stable or well, and for those around them. I have family who chose to be med free and live with the outcome, family who try that and almost don’t live through the outcome, and family on the rollercoaster. As for me, I love my meds and the quality of life they give me.

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