So you have a mental illness. Aaaaaaand you’re living with it. But how much influence does it have over your life?  For me, I don’t try and distance myself from it. My career, interests and self have been formed based on my diagnoses. That seems to be working for me. But I can’t help but wonder should if it should really have such a heavy influence on me, or should I try and separate myself from it. Don’t get me wrong, I have other interests too, but I believe that one of my purposes on this earth is to be an advocate for mental health. It is just what I am drawn to. So I ask all you fellow bloggers, how much does your mental illness influence your life and do you think there should be boundaries? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Yours Truly,



3 thoughts on “Influenced?

  1. I have found that when I distance myself from my own mental health issues, I suffer and or fail pretty heavily. When I embrace my issues, love them, exercise them, and share them I do WAY better. I am still working out the boundary thing.

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