Suicide (please don’t read if this is a trigger)

Everyone says that suicide is the most selfish thing. Is it really that selfish when you are in a horrible amount of pain, are not in a clear mindset and desperate to alleviate yourself? Suicide is real and it shouldn’t be an option, but it is to some people. I have been suicidal, and when you are in that state of mind the last thing you’re thinking about is how selfish you are. It’s like you’re not in your head anymore and something else is taking over. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this post, but I do know that suicide needs to be talked about and not hidden in the dark like it is. It’s happening to so many innocent people who are falling victims to their mind. Someone doesn’t just become suicidal on a whim. There is a buildup of pain and suffering first. Why are these people not getting the proper help before it leads to suicide? Because of the stigma. Because people are too shy or embarrassed to seek the help. Or even just like in my case, they just brush it off as sadness that will go away. Suicide is real and it’s happening everyday. We need to educate the crap out of people so that they know there is help and that it does get better.

Yours Truly,



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