Regret or Missed Opportunity?

Living with mental illness I find that there is a great deal of regret. Things that you wanted to do but didn’t feel up to it, times you didn’t act like yourself, etc. I absolutely hate regretting things, so I try not to. But I know that some people do including myself and that you can’t train your mind overnight to just not regret anything. So I am making this post to tell you that it’s more than okay to miss out on something or have something happen because, well, you’re mentally just not up for it. I missed a trip because I was in a dark time in my life and to this day I wish I went on it. But you need to tell yourself, there are going to be days where you are going to make it up, whether it’s doing what you’ve always wanted to do, say, or really anything. You’re just handling your life in the best way you know how to whether it be at a slower pace or choosing what you want to take part in. I don’t think regrets are helpful. Yes they are opportunities missed, but in that time, in that moment, you were doing what was best for you. If you’re reading this and still alive then you are doing so many things right which outway that one regret……missed opportunity!

Yours Truly,



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