Career #286

Finding a career that you love is incredibly hard. Finding a career that you love with a mental illness I think is incredibly harder. If there’s something you enjoy you generally go into that professsion. I find that with a mental illness if you like something one day you might hate it the other, and you don’t know if you really don’t enjoy it or if it’s the mental illness talking. I have switched my major so many times, but who really knows if I hated them because I was in a rut of hating the world, or if I really didn’t enjoy them.

People say that you should find your passion and everything will work out. I am on the fence about that. I took something that I love and transformed it into a career. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy I did this but when you take a passion and apply it to work, don’t you think it takes the joy and pleasure out of it? It is so incredibly hard to know what we are meant to be and do in life. Sometimes, we just won’t figure it out, and that’s ok, because our career doesn’t always have to be our identity. There are so many aspects each person offers that knowing who you are doesn’t have to be about what job or career you are in. So I ask, has a mental illness made you question your career choice? How did it work out for you if you took a passion and made it into a career?

Yours Truly,



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