When things just piss you off

I was scrolling through twitter and saw a bunch of accounts sharing articles on how antidepressants are linking to autism during pregnancy. I usually wouldn’t write an article about this, but that really pissed me off. Not only are they misinforming women but it’s telling them oh, since you have a mental illness and take medication, you might have an autistic child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an autistic child. But these people are misinforming women. If you are on medication, you should probably talk to your doctor if you want to make certain choices. But how irresponsible can you be by saying this? There are no conclusive studies that directly say antidepressants are linked to autism. If you are a pregnant woman, you probably shouldn’t go off your meds because of this. Thanks for letting me get out my frustration!

Yours Truly,



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