People like to think that we are survivors of mental illness. But are we really survivors? To me, surviving something means that whatever it was is over with. Does mental illness really stop or do we just learn to live with it? I don’t think of myself as a survivor. I’m just living with a mental illness. I’m just being. If calling yourself a survivor is what gives you strength than I am all for it. But I am curious…would you call yourself a survivor or are you just living with it?

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2 thoughts on “Survivor?

  1. I love that you are open and asked this question. I call myself a survivor because I survived a horrific, unimaginable past. So I’m a survivor of my trauma. I do,however, live with PTSD. My mental illness (PTSD) is a result of my trauma and something I have to learn and do learn to live with. Great question!

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