Mental Health Awareness Month

Alright friends, it’s May which means it’s mental health awareness month. I’ve been going on Twitter and there are amazing tweets on ending the stigma. Bravo to everyone. And of course there were the few tweets against antidepressants that still annoyed me but I decided to look past them:). I still cannot believe that in this day in age this world is still so stigmatized against mental illness. I’ve been fortunate enough to come into contact with people of various mental disorders and I cannot tell you enough how much they have touched my soul. I can’t even think about it without getting teary eyed. It makes me hurt on the inside seeing people judge others who have a mental illness. We really are all just humans trying to figure out life, some with more hardships than others which are out of our control. So let’s raise awareness about mental health, because it needs to be talked about.

Yours Truly,



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