Can People Change?

Do people really change? I always thought they didn’t, until I noticed that I myself have made a 180 degree switch so why couldn’t others? It’s hard to think someone has changed if they have wronged you in the past. You will always associate that specific thing to that person. But what if they genuinely have changed? I think it takes so much courage to look past the wrongs and to look at the rights. I guess since I changed, my opinions have changed too. I do believe people can change, because I am living proof of that. You have to work everyday at it, but I think it’s possible. I think what’s harder to change than a person is the perception you have of that person in your mind. As long as you think of a person in a certain way, they will never change to you, regardless of how much they have actually changed. So do you guys believe that people can change?

Yours Truly,



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