Kind Souls

Why is it the kindest souls that seem to get the brunt of things? Or is it that were just so sensitive that we think bad things always happen to us? Hardships change that kindness. For some people, into a better person and for others, into something rough and jaded. For me, I am in the middle. I’ve become a mix of both. My kindness isn’t what it use to be. It’s more on the compassionate side now. It really is a blessing and a curse. 

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2 thoughts on “Kind Souls

  1. I just talked about this with my therapist yesterday. Baseline, wounded people wound others and after we become fragmented we cope in any frail ways possible, leaving a trail of suffering around us. But, evil already has those who he can manipulate, it is those who keep seeking the good in this life who evil attacks. It is unfair yes, but if you do the best you can to love yourself first and then others, evil can not steal your soul. It may seem like the wicked get away with their actions and even good people die young, but in the end how they lived will be all the remain in. Feel sad for them and get to loving those you can, especially you.

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