Interpreting and Control

I just watched a video saying that life is how you interpret it. You have to try and be positive and stay on the bright side to reduce anxiety/depression/etc. No kidding! If we really had a choice do you think we would be hiding in our rooms for days on end? Sometimes it’s not a choice. It’s just how we are wired, and that’s ok. But it just bothers me when people say just be positive. No, it’s not that simple. I wouldn’t have depression and I would make this all go away if it was that simple to just look on the bright side.

Now I feel like my argument is giving us loss of control. Which I know, is the worst thing to do. I’ve just accepted that this is how my brain works and sometimes thinking on the positive side doesn’t work for me. I think we can have control and still not be positive. When that happens, I am aware of my thoughts and know that they happen. What do you guys think about this topic?

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