The One

Why is finding a significant other such an important thing? We can find joy in friends, family, hobbies, really anything. Is it something about an unconditional love that we strive for? Or is it to find our other half? But why? Why are we not good enough for ourselves? It’s normal and healthy for humans to strive for relationships. I just don’t know why there is such an emphasis to get a significant other as soon as possible. I believe that some of us aren’t meant to have one, and that’s ok. Or maybe given circumstances it just hasn’t worked out with anyone, which is perfectly fine too. Is it really our purpose to find someone and procreate? It’s hard enough to love ourselves, and to find someone else to do it seems amazing yet sometimes not necessary. Sometimes self love and the love from family and friends is enough to suffice. Thoughts?

Yours Truly,



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