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Stretch Marks

I have developed so many stretch marks on my body. Some darker, some more noticeable than others and some easier to hide. I hate them. I feel like my body has betrayed me for some reason even though it has done so much for me. I’m constantly battling for my life and my body decides to give me marks for an eating disorder I in no way want to deal with. Like thanks for the reminder, as if my weight gain wasn’t enough of one.

I use to be anorexic, and now I have binge eating disorder. In the last ten years I have gone up and down within a span of more than one hundred pounds. So of course my body is going to stretch out. I just feel insecure over the marks, like people are going to stare at me and judge me or not think I’m pretty. I’m not like a curvy model who still has flawless skin and can rock a bikini. My body isn’t for flaunting, as much as people will say don’t let others effect you. I feel like I’m being constantly judged because of my weight gain. if only people knew what was behind it all….

Yours Truly,